Ignaszak Law Company is a specialized law firm born 10 years ago in Poland with the sole mission of providing the best legal services to their clients. From The law passion of our founder, Mrs. Magdalena Martinez-Ignaszak, who started as a solo practitioner till those days where Ignaszak Law Company operates in 2 countries with offices in Amsterdam & Poznan.

Our advice is guided by legal principles and thorough research to provide a unique service to our clients. We take pride in being an ethical law firm dedicated in ensuring that our clients are treated with the highest values, and they feel trust and quality service. We embrace long term relationship with our clients with human touch and professional delivery.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services in the corporate law, commercial construction & real estate law, FIDIC & infrastructural projects, and international business. Thanks to our team’s wide experience gained both as lawyers in law firms and in-house lawyers in international companies, we have developed a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs.

In addition, Ignaszak Law Company it’s committed to their employees and clients care, progress, and wellbeing. Almost all employees who started the company, still working with us and this is something we are proud of.

About our funders:

Mrs. Magdalena Martinez-Ignaszak

Magdalena is managing director, team building creator with strong moral values and professionalism. Her leadership and seniority are well recognized among her peers. As attorney at law and an expert in implementing public purpose investments as well as FIDIC and World Bank procedures. Her experience spans the infrastructural construction industry, i.e., the preparation, design and implementation of road and railway investments, as well as cubature investments. 

She specializes in civil, commercial, and administrative law, mainly supporting our clients in ongoing legal services and representing them in economic law processes. Magdalena’s vast knowledge of the construction sector allows her to succeed even when working on the most demanding public and private contracts.

Magdalena actively supports the art world and young artist among other cultural and beneficial activities, she is proud mother and contributes to increase bulling awareness in our schools among children by regularly visiting schools and other educational institutions.

Mr. Alfonso Martinez Ruiz

Alfonso is our CFO, originally from Spain ran his career mostly in The Netherlands in the real state sector, where now is focus between two countries. F1 Passionate, proud father and history books and wine lover. He brings financial & leadership expertise to Ignaszak Law Company where his financial knowledge it’s keen for our client’s roadmap strategy and decision making. Furthermore, he won expertise working in major U.S. companies among other European companies to deliver best practices to our firm.

Alfonso complements his expertise with strong educational background in financial management and leadership, Executive MBA among others.

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